Label Relaunch

We here at AJR look to be getting close to relaunch. We take things slow, playing the (very) long game. We stand tall in polar opposition to the viral, super-temporary nature of current musical things.

We understand today’s climate. And since things are the way they are, and since we are here today, this is the world we live in.

No complaining. Just doing.

Hopefully through our re-do, the blog, and the MUSIC, we won’t moralize, ask you to respect anything, complain about the way things appear to be. Nothing like this.

We work, moving forward, and exploring new solutions to old problems (that seem new).

What’s the problem?

Some people have not heard the music. We know it’s not for everybody. No music is for everybody. But ours is for somebody. We know because we’ve found fans/ friends all over the world. We want more.

Then we can make more music. Happily it’s a never-ending cycle.


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