multiple samplers = cross training. different processes en route the same end goal helps you learn yer sh*t.

Sampling makes you a better listener, and better listeners make better music.

Great sounds in isolation don’t always work in the mix or in a track. Picking things apart deconstructs and demystifies the puzzle.

Would you be more efficient and faster if you create or pick sounds with the mix in mind?

Sampling helps with this. It’s not just your ears either. Typically you can see the waveform when using or editing samples, so you learn what a great sound looks like. Really helpful.

What’s a transient? Look at a bunch, and you’ll figure it out. Move and place them on the grid. You’ll hear and associate what’s what almost immediately.

Do you need to make all your sounds? No.

Do you need to make any? Probably.

Don’t be a purist. You don’t have to do everything. Dave Van Ronk says purists become dentists! **Read his book–amazing!**

You’re probably your own band. Great purchased samples are cooperative collaborators. Make it easy. Easy isn’t lazy. It’s efficient. (Try F9 Audio. Great sample pack here.)

What if this all sped up the writing process? Would your tracks be better quicker because these sounds work in finished tracks?

Better tracks = better music. Learn sampling.


We’re all being let into the musical process a little too much. And we’re being asked to respect this process, regardless of the end product. Moreover, process is becoming the product. Or as it’s said, the ‘content.’ (barf)

So in true contrarian fashion, and in opposition to anything you’ve seen or may may have thought you’ve seen from any of our artists (also a questionable word), we will not be letting you in on much, if any of the processes.

Best of all, guaranteed there will be no working-on-the-computer videos (the most boring).

There will be no gear chat or cutesy G.A.S. discussions. (Don’t look it up.)

We are not shopping simps. We are musicians making music who want to share it with current and potential fans.

We want to play more and better shows in more and better places. These people and these places are out there, and we are trying to find them all.

That’s it.

Today this blog is the tool we’re figuring out. It’s a slow, dignified outreach. Feels right. Email works too. *Revised list coming soon.*

And some instagram. Facebook since Instagram more or less requires it.

Word. -ed

We here at AJR look to be getting close to relaunch. We take things slow, playing the (very) long game. We stand tall in polar opposition to the viral, super-temporary nature of current musical things.

We understand today’s climate. And since things are the way they are, and since we are here today, this is the world we live in.

No complaining. Just doing.

Hopefully through our re-do, the blog, and the MUSIC, we won’t moralize, ask you to respect anything, complain about the way things appear to be. Nothing like this.

We work, moving forward, and exploring new solutions to old problems (that seem new).

What’s the problem?

Some people have not heard the music. We know it’s not for everybody. No music is for everybody. But ours is for somebody. We know because we’ve found fans/ friends all over the world. We want more.

Then we can make more music. Happily it’s a never-ending cycle.


This what I do at night and the evenings (and on the weekends etc.).

I have a small record label that’s a growing collection of my more organized music projects; a release platform for my music, cues and songs for professional commercial use, and–as of this year, a growing filed recording library.

Does anyone out there have any music needs?

Rather than a generalist, I do a few things very well (synth textures mixed with folk instruments to name one).

Below is from early this week. Cuckoo is from Norway and a bit of a modern titan in today’s YouTube-based synth world. This is a pice I did that will go into a pack I am building called Today’s Future [but]_non-dystopian_. (starts at 10:52!)