Jamuary #16

Today’s Jam!

Grabbed a short #YouTube sample from the seeburg #elevatormusic library (here), pitched it down, and sampled it onto the vintage 4 track tape mode of the #op1field

If you grew up in the 70’s + 80’s–and I think it’s a you-had-to-be-there thing–a lot of places sounded like Napoleon Dynamite. It was so bad but good sounding at the time, and today it’s like a time machine for feel. I can feel what it was like when I close my eyes and really listen. Insane. (Wonder what the modern take on all of these could possibly be!)

Played sample drums live (no quant) after getting the sample tucked in (enough).

I’ve been consciously detaching myself from the grid for the last 3 months. This is coming from a heavy and deep dive into MPC-world. No matter what the instrument or whatever, everybody wants it to be the equipment.] BTW: do sick beats only come from this MPC 3000? Not according to maker Rodger Linn. (and he knows)

Cassettes: also had to be there?

So what!? [the why]
I’d use this for a groove maybe with a live guitarist, put it into the #sp404 and play along with the #system1 , or use it as a transition in a dj set.

Quick-work, almost panicked sampling every day for #jamuary23 with different samplers means a deeper understanding of everything I typically use on a daily basis. Part of the brilliance of making every day work everyday. Feel like I am really getting some usable systems set up, as opposed to goals (Read this!).


Also this from MPC Tutor: Learning the #mpc500 (here) back to front has informed chopping on the op1f and sp404 etc.

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