Jamuary ’23 #17

early morning chill // coffee music?

Besides layer’ed bass, it’s a kind-of preset thing with suitable arp for melody. Probably could go adding crap, in 100 different directions. But maybe keep it like it is. One of those things I will know listening back in a few days from now.

Best thing about #op1 to #op1field is the sound upgrade. No stress. Just drop the mixed track into DAW for light and lazy mastering + same w/ a couple effects = done. Sounds great by me.

Like like how things should be at this, my high-functioning amateur level.

Also, op-1 filed is not a toy or at all–at this point–toy-like. Computer included, nothing produces a track faster. And you can do it anywhere and everywhere. Sounds great, always charged, and you can keep it in your pocket if you’re still doing the cargo pantz thing.

my entire am studio
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