Who really needs music out of you?

Anyone with a phone can write and record music endlessly. And if you’ve shown any interest in gearing up to get going (or re-gearing), you’re probably being bombarded with ads for all sorts of things as you read this.

Maybe there are more than a few people pitching a course or a system to help you finish all those ‘lil nuggets you have lying around, for a small fee or a slight monthly drip.

Out of of the thousands of huckster out there the one thing no one’s trying to help you with is to decide if you should be making music in the first place.

Stephen King says that most people have a book in them. But he goes on to recommend that it stay in there.

Ice cold.

How does this jive with the music you haven’t made? Is all the gear you’ve bought in hopes you might finish something making you feel worse? (The opposite of what it was supposed to do in the first place.)

Businesses cannot afford to cary excess inventory for very long. Does your gear peer at you guiltily as the unproductive days tick away?

Really you could spend $200 for a usable, quality interface and microphone and have everything you need for a long, long time.

But what if you’ve spent closer to a few grand or more and still made nada? No songs, no sounds designed, no progress. Just aging equipment, losing a bit of value day-by-day. (Not an investment!)

What about not doing? Not releasing? Never even trying to make good use of this stuff you bought?

No one cares if you don’t use any of it except for you. You and a lot of brands out there that care if you and your money stop. They are using super-high-powered marketing and tracking to make sure you keep at the buying (and not making).

Before you get all down in the dumps about not finishing again ask yourself: who cares? Me or them?

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