We’re all being let into the musical process a little too much. And we’re being asked to respect this process, regardless of the end product. Moreover, process is becoming the product. Or as it’s said, the ‘content.’ (barf)

So in true contrarian fashion, and in opposition to anything you’ve seen or may may have thought you’ve seen from any of our artists (also a questionable word), we will not be letting you in on much, if any of the processes.

Best of all, guaranteed there will be no working-on-the-computer videos (the most boring).

There will be no gear chat or cutesy G.A.S. discussions. (Don’t look it up.)

We are not shopping simps. We are musicians making music who want to share it with current and potential fans.

We want to play more and better shows in more and better places. These people and these places are out there, and we are trying to find them all.

That’s it.

Today this blog is the tool we’re figuring out. It’s a slow, dignified outreach. Feels right. Email works too. *Revised list coming soon.*

And some instagram. Facebook since Instagram more or less requires it.

Word. -ed

A lot of musicians are now out pushing non-music almost-services, many thru some sort of subscription. A lot more of them are making way less music. Maybe touring is the worst and like to work from home too.

YouTube and Instagram is ready-to-go with jr Svengali’s ready teach you how they got to where there are, this destination-place is never really identified or explained. I think they are mostly professional googlers.

Come on, who among us has not tried with some desperation to rationalize or legitimize time on screens?

I’ve signed up. I’ve taken classes with the masters. It all just got in the way of making music; of writing, and rewriting, and editing, and all the other horrible things I simultaneously love and hate to do.

Today I read an email from and artist who was selling future “content.” Seriously.

Join now for “content.”

Try harder!

Next he’ll be interviewing YouTubers. Let his low be a lesson. Don’t watch. Get back to creating your own content (Good grief.).

Neil Gaiman said it best when it comes to writing (sub your thing here). When it’s time to write he gives himself 2 options: write or do nothing. Like “not anything.”

So, quit shopping and make something.

And don’t be boring.