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mrtorian (JD Torian Sr.) is an Austin-based electronic artist with a classic analog writing approach that slots right in with his love of Classic 80’s, New Wave, Melodic House, Indie Dance, Downtempo, Chillout, Ambient, beats, lo-fi, and even Rub-a-Dub. 

He writes and plays all the time, be it at home in his underground lair, at staged micro shows around town with a D.I.Y., anywhere-is-a-venue ethos. 

A hybrid of a live electronic show and a classic DJ set, it’s hard to tell the difference between what’s him and the records he’s slipped in. Samples, slices, and synths all mix into a set as varied as his years of influences. 

It all feels cool, relaxed, dance-y, and mostly happy; just like him.

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Listen to Lovesongs Mixtape, Vol. 1

Lovesongs Mixtape, Vol. 1 may feel like a step back in time to listeners, but to Austin-based electronic artist, mrtorian, it’s an evolutionary step forward, going from more-typical singer-songwriter to loops-based indie chill/dance songs. This wavey, sonic blend of 80’s and 90’s vibes is dedicated to love and inspired by the times he almost got arrested for loitering outside his local record store as a punk kid.

This ep is the sound of two worlds—melodic house and singer-songwriter—having it out. mrtorian decided to do something crazy during the pandemic: put his instruments back in their cases and recover his early obsession with electronics. He learned a lot of old classics, diving deep into organic/ melodic/ deep/ micro/ lo-fi house music. 

The result is a sub-sub genre of House Music. Call it ‘(around the) House Music’. Lovesongs Mixtape, Vol. 1 is a mini movie soundtrack with colorful lyrics like “Bikini Blue” that transmit 8-bit nostalgia.

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