Quick-change Live Tracks and IEM’s on the Super-Cheap!

Some of the best advice I’ve gotten is 1 line mono tracks / 1 line click and guide in a quick-changeover situation. This came from Will when consulting for a then-upcoming ACL festival slot.

Since then I only bring out my computer when I can do a multi-track out through the play audio 12 etc. Sounds great, but complicated unless you have the time to set up.

So this is my quick-change set-up, and I really love it. It’s easy to operate, glitch free (save fat fingers), super light, battery powered, and it sounds fantastic in the house and thru IEMs.

I real time record songs straight from Ableton into the sp-404 mkii via USB-C. Left channel click/ guide, right channel tracks. After enough practice, I’m quick with this, and then I can share the set with everybody in the band (sp app is easy to use). Separate L / R 1/4” out of the 404 to the house via a stereo DI. I bring mine since it’s labeled.

For our IEMs, I use the zoom live track L-8. It has four different stereo bus outs (feeds the iem receivers via y-cables). *I have no issues using a very long TRS cord, also a Will thing. Host makes a couple great ones, some being comically long.* The l-8 has enough channels for the house to send me the essentials. I mix from there (I split the 404’s headphone output and run to channels 1 + 2).

This set up takes about five minutes, and you can do separate mixes for each person–which no one currently knows. But they do have their own mixes.

Analog Cases’ electronic producer case is prefect to house this. Super light, it can 100% run on batteries, and like I said before I’ve never had a technical glitch. It’s also my practice set up.

If you’re even 20% smart about buying you can get this rig for right under $1000. I did 10 shows over SXSW recently here in Austin w/ no issues. I used it for acoustic gigs. I used it for bass/ tracks gigs. I even used it for straight sound (and dj’ed tracks on change-over with 404). Super versatile, cheap, and it’s really easy to work.

Please ask questions! 

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