Jamuary’23 #28

Roland Aria Party!

I have really been digging this Ian Pooley video re: the MPC3000. So, so simple and minimal and great. Really love that stab sound too. Wow.

The 3000 is probably the most lusted-after MPC due to Dilla. His is the most lauded and famous.

It’s with this in mind that I really did try and keep it very simple for today’s songs. Also set up my favorites to sample.

Which were …

ACB drums from a TR-6s drum machine and melodics and basses sampled from the system-1. Chain: sys-1 > MPC > sp-404 > mixer. Maybe over-dank’ed the master coming out of the MPC with Flavor Pro (really, really bad name-but great fx bus).

A little electro, some old school, sounds like a cassette. Que mas? Need to always keep it simpler and more self-sampled.

Please let me know if you’d like the samples? Happy to post on Gumroad if there is interest out there.

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