Jamuary ’23 #21 + #22

Playing a little catch-up here as the back freaked out on me Saturday.

Still going strong, not having missed a day, and I also have an eye to February. Still want to keep the flow going but will use some days for album prep (needs to be done before sxsw).

Speaking of releases, the best I can figure: streaming likes singles and bandcamp likes albums, or seems to be the place for albums. Current thinking is to use singles to push new fans to bandcamp for the large releases. Singles need to create demand.


mpc not an mpc

This on turned out real synthwave-y. The basic idea here was to make an MPC not sound like an MPC.

The arp is from the op-1 field. I do not sync it with the MPC. While not technically “on,” the feel is always–like 100% of the time, better. Notably, there are not a lot of hard rules, but it has been my experience that swinging your arps vs swung drums = don’t swing the arps. Feel is better with a straight 50% arp.

Transition noises: why make your own when F9 Audio does such a great job. Everything they do sounds great. Use them as your own personal sound designer. Especially if you’re writing a lot.[I use to be a purist abt NEVER using presets. Now I never start from zero/ always start with one. I mean, why not?]

Watch all their videos!


All groove and feel

A bit of a corny one that started life as a pattern on the MPC500. I do not know where the loop came from. But I am getting my sh*t together.

I’ve started to reorganize my samples.This involves new folders with duplicates. We live in a world where you do not have to worry about storage. It’s real close to free. [I needed ‘permission’ to do this. Thanks Will!] So: organize and do not buy new sample packs you saw on instagram.

I’m also triggering loops as opposed to looping them. = I can get timing right where I want it. And with MPC’s micro timing, you can really get granular. Only really scratched the surface here, and there is a lot to learn. Thanks to Tubedigga for the sage advice. [Again, permission. What in the world does his name mean!? Not perceptible by Yanks.]

A lot goes into keeping it simple. Really feel like I’ve taken the extra long way to get back to where I was–with full and blissful ignorance–making basement jams.

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