Jamuary ’23 #20

Whop-whop! Eee-eee …

Started with a sample of an earlier Jamuary song in Kola. Pitched it way down w/ the 404 and then deleted a bunch of previous stock samples in the demo project to make some room. Used random bits of what was left of the Roland stuff for drums and percussion. Played in bass on my cheap-and-cheerful bass and some op-1 field sampled keys.

Also, Tree Tones in Ableton is so … I use it all the time (made a song with it here).

This track I will come back to and arrange. Needs a break or 2 and–you know, bring this in, bring this out kind-of things. All elements present (typically never come back to a track).

The magic of Jamuary is the freedom to repeat what you’ve been doing every day, and since we are imperfect mirrors, even when I try to do the same thing, it all comes out pretty different. But it’s cohesive, like a small movement or something.

I’ve said it before, but I may just keep going, doing all of this every day.

What’s the worst that could happen? Put a bunch of albums on bandcamp. Print some cassette tapes, release a single to streaming every 2 months.

By the way, all of this would result in: 12 albums / 120 songs; maybe 1-2 cassette releases [like a greatest hits!]; 6 singles.

And as I type her eon day 20, i definately have a cool 2023-made low fi record already.Turns out the only short cut to a robust catalog is a lot of work.

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