Surrender by Bono

Only 88% more to go!

A partial review

Started Bono’s book. His motif is a good one; Bono traveling thru his life song-by-song.

As a kid going through the 80s musically in my time, there was no escaping U2. If you were in a band or band-leaning, they were the model. (100% complaint agreement from all who were there.)

It was a totality that is hard to explain in today’s word. They not only created songs but the things around them. Things like Red Rocks.

No one, and certainly no one my age, knew what the F that place was until U2 showed up, with—ironically, the shit weather being an additional star of the show.

Red Rocks, that mystic, craggy place! Not a high dessert venue known for expansive beauty. To us it was close, wooly, and mysterious. (Has it rained there since?)

Any band from our time worth its salt knew the right U2 songs. Who could hit the high notes in “Pride?” I could but kept it to myself, privately seething, since I was not convinced I looked the correct part.

Bono’s prose is—no surprise—a bit bellowing— but wonderful. sounds like he’s at my kitchen table. Already a lovely journey really.


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