Ableton Note

zero music being made here

2 big things stand out with the delivery of Ableton Note:

  1. Ableton will be staying computer native.
  2. They know their users.

Both exemplify a very long-term mindset. Ultimately best for its users.

I noticed on of my kids making fun of a friend who has a “home iPad.” At least within our school district, iPad rules–no more books etc. Although it never occurred to me, I would truly hate mine if it said–loudly, ‘school..’ So has Apple’s conversion of all school books to iPad unintentionally relegated the device to some kind of Sr’s-only thing outside of school work?

I think so.

Inherently, the iPad is terrible for music making. Maybe super useful for control, and fun to make noises with, but the feel is awful for making tracks. I do not think it will ever get there. The interface/ experience is amazing for certain things, but it’s a tool-only vibe.

My personal iPad is probably 7 years old. Not sure when it will get replaced. (I do not update it because of some old apps I like.)

This is all to say that Ableton probably knows this. Glad they are staying computer-based for now.

If they could only do something about the sticky soft touch on Push 2. That would be something!

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