What Happened to All Those Songs

Well, the release-all-the-songs project hit a bump. Turned into an album, and that’s 12 max. Focused!

More importantly, we have a cabin that’s due to go up in flames, Covid, new high schooler, work, …

There will always be other stuff. I have heard so many artists at house concerts we put on talking about not being able to write due the current climate.

Has there even been a better time to write, practically speaking? But still almost no one is writing. Almost no one. I am. Latest demo here:

But I have work and am busy. So, for me, things are a bit closer to normal. And I am also seeing, a these house concerts, full-time musicians are fragile. And a lot of them need just-right conditions to create.

Also, art is hard in a vacuum. So if you write and are used to feedback and not getting it, the adjustment is the issue.

There are infinite insecurities when trying to decide what makes the final cut. It’s hard to get past them, and more often than not, when you see good artists lose the muse, one glaring culprit is themselves; the devil on the shoulder/ monkey mind.

It’s also tough when all hope is lost. What do musicians have to look forward to? They gave it all, and any hard-won success was stripped away. All 9f this with no real way to make $$ besides live shows (with physical product now extinct). And now what of plan-b options without going waaaaay back to the beginning?

But the songs are floating there, if you can get to it. But how? That’s the big question.

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